Generation to Generation

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Mary Evelyn asked Ray the other day which was the first Christmas present he remembered receiving. Her question led to a discussion about Christmas memories and other childhood memories.

While we talked, Ray remembered board games he received at early Christmases. Among them were Video Village and Concentration, both based on popular television game shows from the 1960s.

Being Ray Notgrass (and the son of Wesley Notgrass), Ray still has both of these games (and others)! He pulled Video Village out of the game closet. Ray played the role of game show host Monte Hall and I was his assistant. Mary Evelyn and Nate were the contestants. While 15-month-old Wesley napped, three-year-old Clara “helped” her mama keep the money she earned as she went around the board.

Christmas Eve 011 cropped

Along with the “ancient” pieces in the game were three pieces of scrap paper, marked J, B, and ME, left over from a time John, Bethany, and Mary Evelyn played Video Village when they were children.

When we finished the game, we found a Video Village clip on YouTube. Oh, it was corny! After the game, Monte Hall, his assistant, and the two contestants rode around the life-size game board in a golf cart while Mr. Hall and the assistant sang a song about the game!

A third generation has now been introduced to Video Village. Ray and I think that is pretty special.

Later that day, I finally remembered to get a photo of my mother, myself, Mary Evelyn, and her younger child Wesley. We have taken four generation pictures with all the other grandchildren, but we had never gotten around to doing that with Wesley. I’m glad we didn’t miss this great opportunity.

Christmas Eve 033
Mother, Mary Evelyn, Wesley, and Me

God created generations. They are important to Him. When God called to Moses from the burning bush, He told him:

“I am the God of your father,
the God of Abraham,
the God of Isaac,
and the God of Jacob.”
Exodus 3:4-6

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