Mama Seasons

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Seasons are a big deal to us mothers. I remember, when a change of season came when our children were young, how I dreaded all the work getting out the next season’s clothes and putting away the clothes from the last season. I remember one time my surprise at having so many red hand-me-downs that I washed an entire load of just reds. When I think of refugee mothers with nothing to keep their babies warm, I am ashamed that I had so much that I thought it a burden.

Now that those days are past, I’d love to be in the midst of those chores again–touching the little sweaters and overalls and dresses, folding them, putting them on the little hangers. Life is like that. It’s hard to appreciate the joy of what you have when responsibility is staring at you every day.

The daffodils have poked some short stems up in our yard; and, when we had our little winter snow a few days ago, I noticed tiny green leaves beneath the stubble of last year’s vines.

Snowy Morning 180

In late summer giant blooms burst forth from our old-fashioned hibiscus.

play and garden 087

In winter its dried stalks stand six and seven feet tall. Snow clung to their tops on that recent Saturday when God gave us our thin snowy blanket.

Snowy Morning 074

Those dried stalks look dead, but the hibiscus is alive beneath the ground. Every spring thick green shoots pop up. I chop the dried stalks down then, and by summer’s end the green shoots are six or seven feet tall again.

God is kind to give us seasons. Each one is so very good. In the short term, we enjoy fall outings to the apple orchard, hot chocolate on winter nights, spring walks through the woods, and summer fun in a fountain. In the long term, we experience the seasons of our childhoods, our early years of marriage, our children as babies, our children growing up, our elderly parents, our grandchildren.

In the short term, we mothers serve our families through the seasons of the year and in the long term through the seasons of their lives and ours.

Bravo, Mama. You are being faithful through your seasons.

I searched for the word season in the Bible. I never thought of this passage as pertaining to homeschooling mothers, but read it carefully. Though Paul wrote it to his faithful son in the faith Timothy, I think you can find application in your life as you teach your children and and as you mother them.

I solemnly charge you in the presence of God
and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead,
and by His appearing and His kingdom:
preach the word; be ready in season and out of season;
reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction.
2 Timothy 4:1-2

In the midst of all your loving mothering, sometimes there is need for reproving, rebuking, and exhorting–but always with great patience.


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  1. Such beautiful and timely reflections, Charlene! Lately, I have found myself remembering the days of bright red cheeks, and chubby little hands, and cookie crumbs in the play doh. My heart is shocked that I have no more babies…it doesn’t seem possible that time has passed so quickly. I look at the young Mamas in church with their young families, and I desperately want to exhort them not to rush their babies into preschool and soccer camps and big-girl outfits…they are little for such a short time. Our family has coined a phrase that we remind ourselves of often: “Be where you are, when you’re there.” This has helped us all to enjoy each precious moment, without longing for the next season, out of season.

  2. Thank you for this! I am just reading it today and had actually thought this morning, on the way to church, “it’ll soon be time to change out wardrobes….ugh!!” Your words really put that into perspective. I have a child who is already grown and married (we had our last one in our “old age” like Sarah and Abraham….not really but it feels that way some times) and OH how I wish she was still at home with me changing her heavy pants over to spring time capris! I, too, look at mamas with little ones all around them and wish I could emphasize to these young ladies how precious and fleeting it is. (They don’t really appreciate being told how wonderful their lives are when some of them can’t even find time to read a chapter in a book or haven’t slept through the night in months). I’ve found experience and time are the best instructors. Thank you for reminding me today though!

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