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A dear, longtime friend, who is now also a Notgrass team member, lives two hours away from us. She and I are working on a project together, so we spend a couple of hours together on Zoom almost every Monday through Friday.

As we worked together on Thursday, she suddenly called to her daughter to look at the beautiful lavender sky out their window. Of course, with them two hours away, the sun was at a different point in the sky there than it was at our house. I looked out my window anyway.

Her view caused her to rush outside for a closer look. My view did, too. This is what I saw.

Our sky wasn’t the beautiful lavender that she saw. Ours was one of those beautiful skies on fire. If she had not pointed out her own sky, I would have missed this brilliant one.

What a blessing it is to learn from each other. On Thursday I learned simply that it might be a good idea to look outside to see a pretty sky, but the incident made me think of God’s admonition for us to encourage one another in our walk with Jesus. One important lesson to teach our children is that we need instruction and prompting from other people. We don’t have to know everything. In fact, being teachable—which is an admission that we don’t know everything—is a trait that God desires greatly in every human heart.

. . . and let’s consider
how to encourage one another
in love and good deeds . . . 
Hebrews 10:24


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  1. How I miss those skies! When we first moved to TX, we lived in the country and had amazing views of sunsets, sunrises, and starry nights. I was mesmerized by TX skies—they looked much like this picture. I am loving being back in TX again and enjoy many parts of city life, but oh how I miss being able to see skies like this!

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