A Garden Oasis

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The Lord God planted a garden toward the east, in Eden; and there He placed the man whom He had formed. Genesis 2:8, NASB

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to peek into the first garden ever planted, the one planted by God Himself? It must have been a place of beauty and peace. On the eighth floor of the St. Louis Children’s Hospital is a large roof garden that was planted to provide a place of beauty and peace to the patients and families spending time at the hospital. Today this garden gave beauty and peace to Henry, to John and Audra, to Audra’s parents, and to Ray and me. I visited it three times. During one visit, I sat in a swing for two hours while sweet Henry slept in my arms. All I can say about that is, “Ahhhh!” and “Thank You, Father.”

We continue to get encouraging news from the doctors and nurses who are treating our sweet little guy. The numbers that God knows and that the doctors are looking for in Henry’s blood continue to move upward in the direction that they need to go. We appreciate your prayers so much and beg you to continue them.

The garden at the hospital is called Olsen Family Garden. I told Ray that maybe we could donate a garden someday and call it “Notgrass Garden.” I was kidding . . . mostly. I can’t imagine being able to donate a garden oasis like that one, but each of us can create an oasis in our hearts and our homes, an oasis where our families and the other people God sends into our lives can find beauty and peace.

Visits with Eva and Henry 022
A Rainbow God Sent to My Garden a Few Days Ago

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  1. This is wonderful news. I think you might be in the same hospital as friends from church that have a little boy Caleb that is in desperate need of a heart. Here is his facebook page. We are asking as many people to pray for The Miller’s and Baby Caleb as possible. He doesn’t have much time left, according to the doctors, if a new heart doesn’t come soon. He’s healthy other then the need of a heart. Maybe you and Ray could go by and see if you could pray with them if your paths cross there. Thanks!

    • We did determine that he is in the same hospital. However, we were unable to connect with them today because of schedule conflicts with Henry and his mommy and daddy and the schedule of the cardiac intensive care floor. We hope that we can coordinate things to get to visit them tomorrow.

  2. Praying continually for your family and that precious boy. I wish I had eloquent words to say. But, know you are being prayed for.

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