Jesus is Your Storm Shelter

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Weather forecasters warned us yesterday that storms were likely. Ray and I hurried through our errands in town so we would be home before they got to us. We made it before the rain began.

I was at my desk answering email when we learned that the forecasters were right. We have had storms here before and we have had a very windy winter, but I don’t remember ever hearing it sound quite like that. I ran to find Ray and encouraged him to take shelter with me in the interior bathroom. Actually I begged him, while he was hurrying to make sure the house was okay. I was glad he joined me. I could feel wind blowing between the door and door frame in that interior room.

The loud storm was over quickly. When we went through the house to check out the situation, we found a broken window in a bedroom. Water was coming under some doors and one had blown open. Part of the floor and some of the furniture was wet in the room with the open door. Quilted wall-hangings were lying on the floor.

Outside a front porch column was lying in the yard and a heavy metal lawn chair was against our car. The barn roof was damaged and the roof of the equipment shed was completely gone.

The weather radio sounded warnings again and again during the evening. We got out towels and started drying things off. Ray tacked garbage bags over the broken window. I sat back down at my computer to finish my email and to write to you.

Storms are real. Some involve wind and rain; others involve very different things. One of the blessings of homeschooling is that you are able to weather storms together. Your children learn how to handle them by watching you. They get the opportunity to verbalize their feelings about them immediately because you are there to hear. You get the opportunity to help them understand what is happening because you are there right when they need you.

One thing God wanted to make perfectly clear while Jesus was here is that Jesus is the master of storms. One day He got into a boat and the disciples got in, too. A great storm arose on the sea. While the boat was being covered with waves, Jesus slept.

The disciples woke Him. They asked Him to save them; they told Him they were perishing. Jesus asked them why they were afraid. He called them men of little faith.

Jesus got up and rebuked the winds and the sea. It became perfectly calm. The disciples were amazed and asked a question:

What kind of a man is this,
that even the winds and the sea obey Him?
Matthew 8:27

What kind of man was Jesus? God’s Son Who can handle all of our storms.

Sunday 248

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