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It’s fun to watch my children be parents and to see them do the same things I did when they were small. Sometimes when I’m with my daughter Mary Evelyn and her daughter Clara, I see Mev wiping a bit of food off of little Clara’s mouth and realize that I hadn’t even noticed. Mamas have eagle eyes for that sort of thing and can spot the tiniest speck.

My mother had a dental appointment Monday morning, so we headed out bright and early. I was struck again by how we never quit being Mama. By the time we got back home, she had picked a hair off my clothes, turned my collar out because I hadn’t noticed that it was tucked inside my jacket, and even wiped something off my face. I’m glad that a fingernail would do and she didn’t need to spit on a Kleenex! When we stopped to get a milkshake for Mama, because her mouth was still numb, she wanted to know if I was going to eat anything, too, and I don’t think she’ll ever quit asking me where my coat is when I had rather just make a dash and leave my coat at home.

Eva's Here with Clara 066
Mother, Ray, and Me On a Day
When I Didn’t Need a Coat and My Face Was Clean

There was a time that I got pretty frustrated when she “mothered me” like this. Now I’m thankful to have my mama around and to have a mama who loves me like this. Just like the title of one of the Happy Day books I read to my children when they were little, I’m Glad God Thought of Mothers.

But we proved to be gentle among you,
as a nursing mother tenderly cares for her own children.
1 Thessalonians 2:7, NASB

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