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I always feel a little funny sharing with you all about such temporary things as hair and clothes and such, knowing that you have much more important fish to fry than that kind of stuff. Still, we’re girls — most of us anyway (I so appreciate my guy readers, but they have accepted the fact, I believe, that they are going to hear about girlie girlie things every once in a while; helps them understand their wives and daughters better, don’t you think?) — and, as girls, we do have hair and clothes to contend with, don’t we?

When Ray and I were at the soap shop in New Harmony recently, I bought some really natural shampoo and conditioner to replace the pretty good natural shampoo and conditioner I have been using for some time. A lady who knows about such things explained to me a while back that when you switch to a really natural shampoo, it may take a few days to get the old junk cleaned out. In the meantime, your hair becomes a gunky mess.

The last time I tried really natural shampoo I gave up after a day or two. The gunk was just too much for me. I wasn’t willing to pay the price of ugly hair for a few days to get to better hair soon. This time I stuck it out and it was worth it.

That’s a lot of introduction to get to my real topic: the Brain Tour. While Ray and I were traveling a couple of hours away to meet a friend for lunch last Friday, I told him about my hair adventure and mentioned that when I shampoo twice in one session, I get a lot more suds the second time.

“I know why that happens,” he replied. Then he told me that in the News-Gazette (the newspaper in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, where we lived over twenty years ago), there was a weekly column that answered questions that people sent in. One article told why shampoo lathers better the second time. The reason is because your hair is cleaner the second time you wash it.

After telling Ray (once again) how amazed I am at his colossal memory, I said I’d like to have a tour of his brain.

Later in the day, I was accidentally, but naturally, demonstrating one of my occasional tendencies to be going down more than one thought track at the same time. I told Ray that he couldn’t tour my brain because it wouldn’t be possible to be in three of its rooms at the same time!

Ray and I were recently with some friends who included a kind, gentle, loving, fatherly, wife-loving man who is a physician. I’ll call him Tom. Tom and his wife have two children, both girls. He told a story about a time before his girls were married, when his family was riding in a car and the three ladies were discussing some guys. They were speculating about what the guys were thinking about this or that. Tom told them, “I assure you that they were not thinking about any of that.” His reasoning? Guys just don’t think like that! At another point in the conversation, Tom mentioned the fact that differences in chromosomes in males and females makes us just that — different.

A man
On this day in October, Ray and I had been married — and different — for almost forty-two years.

So many heartaches between husbands and wives and sons and daughters could be eliminated if we simply understood one of the very first lessons God taught us in the Bible:

God created man in His own image,
in the image of God He created him;
male and female He created them.
Genesis 1:27

And one that Jesus repeated centuries later:

But from the beginning of creation,
God made them male and female.
Mark 10:6

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  1. What I love about your posts, Charlene, is that even when you travel down three thought tracks at once, you somehow pull them all together to form one cohesive lesson or application. And it all makes sense to me! Because I’m a woman.:-)

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