Chicken Soup for the 30-Year-Old

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As I was dodging the crowd at Aldi on the day before Thanksgiving, I ran into Pat whom we had known from the church where Ray preached when we first moved home to Tennessee. Of course, she asked about our Thanksgiving plans and told me hers. She talked about their large extended family and how everyone had to cooperate to get together since there were 4 or 5 families to coordinate. She also told me about her new great-grandbaby who is the joy of the whole family.

We saw each other again when we both ended up at the checkout aisle at the same time. This time she mentioned a family member who had come down with the flu the day before. She was actually in the store in part to get ingredients to make him some chicken soup.

As she gave me the details about his illness and treatment, I wondered if it was a little one who had gotten sick. “How old is he?” I asked. “Thirty,” she said. “He’s the father of the new baby.”

I love it! Grandma Pat was making chicken soup for her 30-year-old grandson. How very special that she can still serve him when he is now a daddy. What a blessing that she will do it and what a blessing that he will accept her love. God was kind to create families. Every generation is a blessing to the others.

The Lord bless you from Zion,
And may you see the prosperity of Jerusalem all the days of your life.
Indeed, may you see your children’s children.
Peace be upon Israel!
Psalm 128:5-6

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