Faith, Art, and Government 2

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In addition to creating posters of people from the Bible, U. S. Navy art director Joseph Binder designed posters that taught moral principles. Notice how this government-issued poster from 1955, New Beginnings, assumes the truth of Bible history. It teaches:

Following the Flood humanity began anew and God grants a promise that such a disaster will never be repeated and as a sign — the rainbow. Modern man is acquainted with other forms of destruction–devastating wars–pursuit of personal power–disregard of God’s will–rainbows are needed in today’s cloudy skies and faith in God will put them there.

This Justice poster from 1957 teaches:

The right to justice is God’s legacy to man. Who assails it, assails God.

This Honesty poster, also from 1957, assumes the authority of the Ten Commandments. Highlighting the seventh commandment, it states:

The smallest theft, the whitest lie, can ultimately undermine personal integrity.

These posters acknowledge the following truth from God’s word. I’m thankful you can teach it to your children.

For the kingdom is the Lord’s
And He rules over the nations.
Psalm 22:28

All posters are courtesy of the Library of Congress.

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