Faith Challenging

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Last week I got a few minutes to visit with a former actress of the Homeschool Dramatic Society, who has now graduated. She stopped by after volunteering to work on sets. I love when our actors and actresses volunteer behind the scenes after they have graduated.

As we visited, I asked her about her experiences this fall at the local community college. She said the experience was “faith challenging.” “In which classes?” I asked. “All of them really,” she replied, “but history is probably the worst.”

Fall Morning 2014
Fall Morning 2014

She said that on the first day the history professor asked her class of forty or so how many of them had ever gone to church. Six raised their hands. I expressed my surprise and my young friend said that she didn’t know how many were afraid to raise their hands.

How awful, I thought — awful if only that many had been to church and awful if only that many had the courage to stand up and say yes.

She went on to mention her sociology class — that a sociology class was faith challenging was no surprise — and her English class, too. When abortion came up in English recently, she learned that the teacher did not believe in it, but this sweet freshman was saddened by what other students said about it.

When I talked about how sad it was that her money was going to pay for this, she told me that actually scholarships and Tennessee higher education programs had covered everything but $7, even including books.

Though horrified and heart-broken, I appreciated this window peek into our local community college and a first-hand account of what it is like in there. I thought you would, too. Maybe it will help you think about what your own children might encounter in the future — or what they might be encountering right now.

Be of sober spirit,
be on the alert.
Your adversary, the devil,
prowls around like a roaring lion,
seeking someone to devour.
1 Peter 5:8

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  1. So very sad, but so very true! We live in Tennessee, and my hubby works at a wonderful Christian college. Too often, students look at the price tag and assume there is no way they can afford Christian education. But if they would only talk with the finance counselor’s, they would find out that there are many scholarships available, including being able to use our Tennessee higher education program dollars here, at a Christian college. It may not cover the complete tuition amount, but it can be a large piece of the puzzle! If you do not knock on the door, how will you know if God would have opened it?

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