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Ray graciously took care of my mama the first weekend in August while I spent the weekend in North Carolina with some girlfriends. Three of us went to high school together. I met our other two weekend buddies through our hostess whom I’ll call Lena. We call this weekend our annual Spring Fling, but it was August before we could find a good weekend this year.

Lena works at a community college in the high country of North Carolina. Ray and I live in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Laura is four hours east of us in the high mountains. I especially enjoyed the last two hours of the drive, because it is off the Interstate. Here are some off-Interstate views between our foothills and Lena’s high mountains.

The mountains rose; the valleys sank down
To the place which You established for them.
Psalm 104:8

Below is a view of nearby Mt. Mitchell, taken through the screen on Lena’s back porch. Mt. Mitchell is the highest peak in the Appalachians.

The pointed peak in the center of this photo is Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak in the Appalachian Mountains.

One morning we roamed a large outdoor craft fair in Burnsville, North Carolina. On another we explored the 59th Annual North Carolina Mineral and Gem Show in Spruce Pine. Vendors of various nationalities had booths there, and we saw rocks from around the world. I marvel at the wonders God has placed beneath our feet. They all point to His glory.

Sitting just outside an entrance to the show were these two gentlemen, who were handing out Gideon New Testaments.

One of my missions for these daily posts is to share with you evidences of faith that I see around the country. I am thankful that the organizers of the mineral and gem show allowed these gentlemen to be there and even more thankful that these men gave their time to share the gospel in this way.

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations,
baptizing them in the name of the Father
and the Son and the Holy Spirit,
teaching them to observe all that I commanded you;
and lo, I am with you always,
even to the end of the age.
Matthew 28:19-20

For so the Lord has commanded us,
“I have placed You as a light for the Gentiles,
That You may bring salvation to the end of the earth.”
Acts 13:47


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