Family is such a blessing. Don’t forget to enjoy every minute of it.

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Ray and I had fun remembering the baby and toddler days of some of our now 8-to-10 year old grandchildren earlier this week while I was searching through Homeschool Dramatic Society photos for my peek into our homeschool creative writing and drama activities. Mary Evelyn’s plays are usually in September, but she had a baby in September of 2013 so the play was in December that year. December would never be our first choice, but it was the only alternative time that she could rent the performing arts center.

As you can imagine, it made for an especially hectic December. As I searched through photos of that play, I ran across one photo that reminded me just how hectic it was.

We were preparing for visits from our children and grandchildren who live out of town.

Our well tested positive for E. coli, so we had to connect to city water lines in a hurry.

We had to flush out the E. coli before we could use our new city water, and we had to get that successfully completed before welcoming young grandchildren.

While waiting for our pipes to become safe from the bacteria, we left the house to spend the night in a hotel. We were so busy that day that we ended up eating supper (our anniversary supper, by the way) at the Subway inside Love’s Travel Stop.

We arrived at the hotel late in the evening, checked in, went to our room, and got settled in. Guess what! The toilet was broken. We had to pack up and move to another room.

Now here’s that photo I mentioned. One night when we came home from a play performance, we walked into our closet. This is what we found:

Our closet in December 2013

Yep. The closet rod supports had given way.

And, oh, yes, one day at play practice, after helping our then two-year-old granddaughter go potty while her three-month-old brother was strapped onto my front in a baby carrier, I dropped my cell phone into the toilet.

As you can see, we tried the dry-it-out-in-a-bag-of-rice remedy.

But, you know what? Those aren’t the only photos I have of that December.

My mother was with us when we celebrated the 99th birthday of our friend Miss Joy, and Miss Joy tap danced as she always did at her birthday parties.

Miss Joy at her 99th birthday party

Our then-two-year old granddaughter was a hit in the play.

Ray and I spent time with each of our children and grandchildren and with each other, and we celebrated our 39th anniversary.

Family is such a blessing. Don’t forget to enjoy every minute of it—even when the closet rod is on the floor and your phone is in a bag of rice and E. coli are swimming in your pipes.

Forever, Lord,
Your word stands in heaven.
Your faithfulness continues throughout generations;
You established the earth, and it stands.
Psalm 119:89-90

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