Happy Father’s Day, 1952

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Our family has two things to celebrate this coming Sunday. Not only is it Father’s Day; it is also my husband’s birthday. Ray was born on Father’s Day sixty-two years ago. What a precious Father’s Day present he was that day.

One of the first things I learned about Ray was that he admired, loved, and respected his father. The more I read what the Bible says about honoring parents, the more I respect that trait Ray had even as a young man. Youth is a time when many think they know more than their fathers. That wasn’t Ray. Wesley Notgrass was respectable. Everyone who knew Wes knew that, but Ray knew it and believed it better than anybody.

When Ray realized that his dad was getting to an age and stage when he needed help, he invited him to come and live with us. He took care of him and led us in helping to care for him for seven years. I watched then with admiration and I am awed by it still.

Ray has been wonderful to my mother. When she needed to move in for a while last summer and now that she is here again, he has been so kind and supportive. He loves her and has welcomed her without reserve.

Ray is a wonderful father. He read books and crawled around on the floor and threw balls and went to ballgames and did a great job at lots of daddy things. Our children know they have a treasure.

Ray is an excellent student of God’s Word. I am thankful that when our children listened to sermons each Sunday when they were growing up, they heard a true student of the Word teaching truth that he had studied well and truth he believed. Here we are in front of the church doors of the first place our children regularly heard their daddy preach in Oxford, Mississippi.

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Thirty-nine years with my wonderful husband certainly cannot be summed up in a Father’s Day blog. Let me just say that I am thankful that Ray is getting double honor on Sunday. He deserves it.

A man who loves wisdom makes his father glad.
Proverbs 29:3

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  1. Hi Charlene,

    What a wonderful tribute to your husband and your children’s father! Godly men are such a blessing. I am so thankful for my husband and for my children’s father.

    Happy Birthday Ray!

    In Him,

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