Four Men in a Booth

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I’m still trying to heal from my allergic bout back in October. I have been on a healing diet since then. One bit of good news is that I can cheat on occasion and another piece of good news is that I really don’t want to very much. I feel so good when I’m being a good girl.

I was happy on Saturday night during the first leg of our trip to see John and his family, when we stopped at a restaurant and found a quinoa, lentil, and broth soup on the menu. That’s just what the doctor ordered–so I did. Besides, it’s one of my new favorite meals. Throw in some fermented beets on the side and I’m loving it.

I know that sounds very weird–I’d have thought so too a few years back–but when you are afraid of blowing up like a puffer fish like I did in October, you’ll try anything to keep that from happening again.

Puffer Fish, Shutterstock Image by Beth Swanson
This puffer fish is a Shutterstock image by Beth Swanson. As you know, I like to illustrate posts with pictures I have taken myself or historic images from the Library of Congress. I was fresh out of puffer fish pictures myself, and the only alternative was to show myself as a puffer fish, but that was NOT going to happen

Another of our goals for 2016 is to eat all of our meals some place besides inside a car that is moving down a highway. Before we thought, “Let’s eat in the car and get a little further down the road.” Now, we are thinking, “Let’s stop and sit down and enjoy a meal.”

Here we were on a bench at a restaurant table on a Saturday night and across from the corner of our table was a booth packed with four men. From their ages and dress, they looked like they would be quite at home sitting on the fifty yard line cheering for their favorite football team.

First, they ate. Then they got out their Bibles and had a Bible study. It did my heart good to hear them discussing godly living and see their open Bibles. Since it did my heart good, I thought it might do your heart good, too.

Therefore encourage one another and build up one another,
just as you also are doing.
1 Thessalonians 5:11

It was good to see four men doing that on a Saturday night at dinner. We wouldn’t have seen that if we had been driving down the highway.

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  1. I just wanted to say I enjoyed this little article very much! you were right, reading about those four men really did my heart good 🙂

  2. It always does my heart good to hear things like this…kind of gives me hope for the world. I love seeing it in person too….usually causes me to tear up. 😉

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