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Our seven-year-old grandchild has recently become much more comfortable in the water. On Sunday afternoon his family was swimming at the home of a friend of ours. He really wanted us to come, too, so he could show us what he could do. Ray and I were thrilled at the invitation and enjoyed our own escapades in the water, including our floaty race with Ray on a frog and me on a crab.

Little and Notty race to the finish line.

Our recently reluctant swimmer excitedly demonstrated his new skills for us while we applauded his progress.

Each of our grandchildren present on Sunday were at a very different stage as far as being comfortable in the water. One swam like a fish. One thoroughly enjoyed the water—in the safety of a swim ring while I pulled him around the pool. He also enjoyed going down the slide—if Mama held his hand all the way down and I caught him when he got to the water.

Another sat smiling on the pool’s top step. Sometimes he ventured down to the second step. He spent almost every minute in the water—barely. When I asked if he would like me to carry him around in the pool, he said no with a smile.

He tried on water wings and Notty buckled them on while he was standing beside the pool. He proudly showed me how his little red stuffed animal could float and go underwater.

It was a precious experience to watch this little guy practicing. He’s not ready to swim, but he’s getting ready for it on his own timetable.

I am very grateful that these children are homeschooled. In one learning milestone after another, they have the freedom to try on their water wings and stand beside the pool—with no pressure to jump on in. They can teach their toys to swim while waiting until they themselves are ready to go past the second step.

He has made everything appropriate in its time. . . .
Ecclesiastes 3:10a




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