“Good Morning!”

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As I mentioned on Friday, Ray and I have finished listening to the Little House books again. That’s Little House books, not Little Golden Books!

As always, I learned lessons from Laura and Ma. In These Happy Golden Years, almost-15-year-0ld Laura goes away from home for the first time. She spends 8 weeks teaching school, while boarding with the Brewsters, a family of homesteaders. Mrs. Brewster is an unhappy, bitter, and mean homesteading mama and wife. She makes life miserable for her own family and for Laura.

Laura doesn’t tell anyone how miserable she is, but Almanzo can tell how much she wants to come home on the weekends. He begins to win Laura’s affection by coming through terrible winter weather every Friday afternoon to bring her home.

While Laura is at home one weekend, she wakes up and hears her family say, “Good Morning”—something she never hears at the Brewsters.

Laura realizes that saying “Good Morning” makes the morning good.

Pleasant words are a honeycomb,
Sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.
Proverbs 16:24

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