Perfect Peace

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Abraham and Sarah rejoiced at the birth of Isaac.

Hannah and Elkanah rejoiced at the birth of Samuel.

Mary and Joseph rejoiced at the birth of Jesus.

Yesterday John and Audra and our family rejoiced at the birth of Toby.

Toby (officially Tobias Flynn) Notgrass
 Tobias Flynn “Toby” Notgrass

I added this photo onto yesterday’s post, but only after many of you had already received it by email, so here it is again. I know I’m his Little and I’m supposed to feel this way, but isn’t he just beautiful?

John and Audra have invited us to come to see Toby in a couple of weeks after they have settled in at home. We can hardly wait to hold him and kiss him and look into his eyes and to see the joy in the faces of his mama, daddy, and big brother Henry.

When Toby was just a few hours old, John called us on Skype and we saw Toby as he lay awake and sweet and calm beside his daddy. The call was precious because Toby is precious.

God feels the same way about you. Toby came with God’s instructions to “Handle with Care.” That’s how God handles you, too. Sometimes it takes a long time to rest in it, but it’s always true whether we have learned to lie awake and sweet and calm beside our Heavenly Daddy or not.

 The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace,
Because he trusts in You.
Isaiah 26:3


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