Happy Boxing Day

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The day after Christmas is Boxing Day in England. The original purpose of the holiday was to honor servants with a box containing gifts, hence the name Boxing Day.

Only a small percentage of Americans today have servants in their homes, but we are all blessed by the work of the many people who serve us sacrificially. On this Boxing Day, I am thankful for all the valuable services of those who help people in many ways: the people who run gas stations and wait tables at restaurants and fix plumbing and keep traffic lights in repair and ship packages and work in hospitals and deliver mail and serve customers in all those stores that are so busy today.

Last night I found this picture from the Library of Congress. It reminds me of my Daddy who faithfully stocked shelves of his daddy’s (my Daddy Leland’s) grocery store.

And I am thankful for the labor you do every day to train your children to do meaningful and helpful work some day.

The laborer is worthy of his wages.
Luke 10:7

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