Holding On with Both Hands

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“Hang in there! Hold on!” That’s what we tell our friends—and ourselves—when things are tough. Wow, that is hard to do sometimes.

Several years ago, Ray and I pulled into a hotel late at night. I noticed this fancy motorcycle parked outside.


I don’t usually pay much attention to motorcycles. What caught my eye that time was the cup holder on the handle bar.

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I confess that motorcycles scare me. I know that if I were riding on one, I’d be afraid to let go for a second to take a swig of water. I’d be holding on with both hands.

I know lots of people who hold on tightly—and with both hands—to what’s important! Their lives show it.

Sometimes we might hold on tightly to the wrong things. God is kind to tell us what to hold on to.

 But examine everything carefully;
hold fast to that which is good.
1 Thessalonians 5:21

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