A Funny Tail

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Today I’d like to share with you a funny tale about a funny tail. Whoever designed our ladies’ room at church tried to see just how many doors could fit in one ladies’ room. There is a whole lot of door opening and closing that goes on in there on a Sunday morning between Sunday School and church. I can’t count the conversations we ladies have had about those doors–or the times I have tried to think of a way to change the design!

Last Sunday morning I was one of the last two ladies in the restroom before the announcements began. I’m so glad that the other one was my friend Jo.

She and I were in the hand washing part of the restroom when she pointed out a problem on the opposite side of my front side! She smiled, pointed at my waist, and said something I didn’t quite get. I turned to see the opposite side of my front side in the mirror, and I had a long white tail about, oh, 18 inches long.

You guessed it! It was toilet paper!

White Tail Cropped
I got Ray to take my picture with pieces of what used to be our bathroom. I’m having a bathroom sort of month.

Mother, Ray, and I always sit on the third row of the left side of the auditorium with Nate, Mary Evelyn, Clara, and Wesley. Now, remember, Jo and I were the last two in the restroom, so church was just about to start. If she hadn’t been in there to tell me about what was happening on the opposite side of my front side, I would have walked almost all the way down the aisle with my white tail flowing behind me.

Aren’t we glad that people love us enough to tell us that something isn’t quite right?

On Sunday I appreciated Jo showing herself to be a real friend! I pray that the next time someone wants to tell me that something isn’t quite right, I’ll be just as thankful as I was then–even if it isn’t something I really want to hear. I certainly don’t want to be like this:

Yet they did not listen or incline their ears,
but stiffened their necks
in order not to listen or take correction.
Jeremiah 17:23

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