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I recently saw a motto for a business that serves children: “Doing What’s Right for Kids.” It seems to me that we are surrounded by slogans that talk about doing the right thing.

Businesses advertise home improvement done right, moving and storage done right, auto repair done right, landscaping done right, roofing done right, sign printing done right, and pizza done right. Of course we all know that KFC does chicken right.

Schools have adopted slogans about doing the right thing. A modern Canadian program called DTRT Players (that’s Do the Right Thing Players) has used skits to teach children how to handle bullying. Do the Right Thing of Miami, Inc. rewards Miami youth who have exemplary behavior and accomplishments and who do good deeds. Other communities have similar program, supported by both schools and police departments.

Popular culture talk about doing right is not new. A popular children’s cartoon series when I was a child was Rocky and Bullwinkle. One of the main characters was a Canadian mounted policeman named Dudley Do-Right.

I certainly want to do what’s right for kids and when my signs, auto repair, or pizza are done right, I’m happy. Of course, doing right goes way beyond these.

Sometimes I think about how people in the world decide what is right. Christians know that God decides. One of our most important jobs as parents and grandparents is to teach our children to honor God and what He has declared to be right. We don’t want them to make the same devastating mistakes that the Israelites made again and again, when:

. . . everyone did what was right in his own eyes.
Judges 21:25, NASB


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  1. Thank goodness we as Christians don’t ever have to guess at what’s right! We have a holy Bible and a ready source of wisdom in the Lord, all we have to do is ask Him and He freely gives. Thank you for your encouraging words, Charlene!