Introducing Chung-Ae,
A Homeschooling Mom

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Do you live in a typical homeschooling family? Not a chance. God creates every human being an individual–no carbon copies here. Don’t fret if your family looks different from what you believe is “typical.” Celebrate it instead.

Today I’d like to introduce you to another “atypical” mother I met at a homeschool conference this year. I’ll call her Chung-Ae. She talked to me mostly about her native country of Korea and about her father-in-law. Chung-Ae once taught school in Korea. We have heard about the excellent results of education in many Asian countries. Korea is no exception. Its students excel in math and science. However, Chung-Ae believes that a Christian foundation is even more important than academic excellence.

Chung-Ae’s Korean father-in-law believes so, too. He is adamant about how he wants his grandchildren to be educated. They must be homeschooled, and it must be Christian homeschooling. He believes it so strongly that he is pressuring his child who does not homeschool her children to start.

That is a big switch in the history of homeschooling. Imagine grandparents pressuring their grandchildren’s parents to homeschool them. Ask a homeschooling pioneer how many times that happened thirty years ago.

I’m thankful that I got to meet Chung-Ae. The lives that she and her husband and children are living have convinced her father-in-law that homeschooling is a great idea. I chose the Korean name, Chung-Ae, because it means righteous love. I pray that your family will:

. . . pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace,
with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.
2 Timothy 2:22, NASB

Righteousness, faith, love, peace, pure hearts. Now there’s a goal for today.

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