Introducing the Team

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Before our company retreat in November, we asked a longtime friend and homeschool graduate to take portraits of our team members. She did a beautiful job. Today I would like to share some of her pictures with you and give you an introduction to the members of our team.

We all wear lots of hats, especially we Notgrass family members, but this will tell you about our main responsibilities. But first, I want you to know that everyone on this team cares deeply about homeschooling children and parents. I am thankful for each one of them–and for you.

Introducing our son John

John, Ray, and I formed a partnership in 1999 and founded Notgrass Company (several years later, we decided that the name Notgrass History was a better description of what we do). John is our business manager and chief financial officer. He is a homeschool graduate and a homeschool dad.

Introducing our daughter Mary Evelyn McCurdy

Mary Evelyn has worked alongside us since the beginning and has been a co-owner since 2010. Mary Evelyn is our main graphic designer. She is a co-author of our new series for elementary-age students. Mary Evelyn is a homeschool graduate and a homeschool mama.

Our daughter Bethany also worked alongside us from the beginning. Bethany resigned from the Notgrass History team last December to concentrate on being a full-time homeschooling mama, a decision we support with complete joy. Bethany continues as a co-owner and is on our board of directors.

Introducing our son-in-law Nate McCurdy

Nate manages the warehouse, directs human resources, and creates the maps in our curriculum. Nate is a homeschool dad.

Introducing Josh Voorhees

Josh is our lead customer service representative and helps with bookkeeping. Josh is a homeschool graduate.

Introducing Phil Ellenburg . . .

. . . and his wife Donna

Phil and Donna represent Notgrass History at homeschool conventions across the country. When they are in town, Phil packs shipments in the warehouse and Donna works in customer service. Phil and Donna homeschooled their children using Notgrass History.

Introducing Titus Anderson

Titus is our videographer and also helps with IT. Titus and his wife are homeschool graduates who used Notgrass History. They plan to homeschool their adorable toddler when he is old enough.

Introducing Billy Gilroy

Billy packs orders during the summers. Billy continues to homeschool. He graduates in the spring and looks forward to being back in the warehouse.

Introducing Dena Russell

Dena is our newest team member. She assists Ray and me in research, proofreading, and editing. Dena and her husband are dear friends who have encouraged us in Notgrass History for many years. She homeschooled their two sons through graduation and continues to homeschool their daughter.

You already know Ray and me.

Ray is the president of Notgrass History and our main curriculum author. My main responsibilities are overseeing curriculum development, writing curriculum, and encouraging mamas. I love what I do!

Actually, we all do.

Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us;
And confirm for us the work of our hands;
Yes, confirm the work of our hands.
Psalm 90:17

Photos by Olivia Merritt Photography.

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  1. So nice to meet the entire team!! Your dedication to and compassion for serving homeschooling families shines in all that everyone does.

  2. We have been blessed as a family using Notgrass materials. As a mom, I have been encouraged, uplifted and challenged by the daily emails. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Christ in the home school community.

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