It’s Time to Be Happy Homeschooling and to Share It With Others!

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Good Morning, Mamas! Today’s the day. We’re launching the Be Happy Homeschooling website this morning. It has been a labor of love. Please take a look and please share it with anyone you think might benefit from it. Help us help parents make a well-informed and faithful decision about how to educate their children this fall.

I do hope the resources on this website will help many more families be happy homeschooling, either as brand new homeschoolers or as homeschoolers who want to move from a place where homeschooling feels like a burden to a place where homeschooling is a joyful lifestyle.

We are also releasing today’s edition of the podcast, Exploring History with Ray Notgrass. Today’s topic is Homeschooling an American President. You can listen to the podcast on this page on the Be Happy Homeschooling website.

Several years ago, Ray and I were on our way to a homeschooling convention with our daughter Mary Evelyn and her family. I was scheduled to speak at the convention. On our way, I asked our talented, songwriting daughter if she would write me a song to include in the class. In no time, she handed me “You Are a Success.” Not too long after she wrote it, she and I made a music video of the song. We have included that video in the Thank You for Homeschooling section of the Be Happy Homeschooling website. Here is a link to the video. I hope it will encourage you today as you successfully finish up this homeschool year. Click here to watch.

Mama, you are a success! I hope you can help us help others be a success at homeschooling, too.

For God is not unjust
so as to forget your work
and the love which you have shown
toward His name,
by having served and by still serving the saints.
Hebrews 6:10

Thank you to all those who previewed Be Happy Homeschooling over the last few days and to those who have sent me your suggestions. We expect to continue fine-tuning it, so if you haven’t sent me your suggestions yet, please do.

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