Mama and Me in a Huddle

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Ray and I love to run into Bobby and Phyllis. They are two of those people who make you feel as if you are the exact person they wanted to see most out of all the people in the whole world. They were at James’ party on Saturday, and they did it again. They treated us like special people.

Bobby and Phyllis are busy folks. They take care of little grandchildren two days a week. They run Phyllis’s mama everywhere she needs to go. They do the same for Phyllis’s Aunt Ina, who is another one of those people who send you soaring just by being around.

I love how Bobby says “Ray, . . . .” over and over again in our conversations. It’s like, “Here’s a special something especially for you, Ray. Now listen . . . .”

Bobby is also one of those folks who isn’t afraid to get close, both in friendship and in space. It’s always nice to see Bobby when you haven’t just gotten up from a garlicky Italian dinner. If you did just get up from a garlicky Italian dinner, he’d be sure to know. When Ray and I get into a conversation with Bobby, it feels like a warm, cozy, and intimate little huddle — just us three with the party — or life — swirling around us.

Photographer Ansel Adams took this photo in 1943. I wonder what was so fascinating in this little boy huddle.

Every child needs a Bobby kind of welcome in his family. When interaction feels like warm, cozy, and intimate little huddles between folks with mutual love and respect, it is, as Mr. Rogers said, “such a good feeling.”

One of our most important jobs as mamas is to give our children the assurance that they are valuable, valuable in God’s eyes and valuable in the eyes of their mama.

Therefore encourage one another
and build up one another,
just as you also are doing.
1 Thessalonians 5:11



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