Meased to Pleet You!

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The phrase “Meased to pleet you” was in my head when Ray and I sat down with Mother for supper last night. I asked him, “Did you used to say that?” He smiled in the affirmative. I asked where he got it and he said it was said in a 1940s black and white movie by a teen boy trying to be cute. Yeah . . . I seem to remember that.

Well, anyway, truth is that I am pleased to meet you when you come by our booth at a homeschool convention — very pleased. I’m also pleased when I find out that an old friend is reading these posts.

I had an idea (“a day late and a dollar short,” as the old saying goes) about getting a Daily Encouragement guest book to keep with me when I am at a homeschooling event, so that I can have that keepsake of meeting my blog guests.

Ray and I have kept a guest book for our home for a couple of decades. Sometimes the trick is remembering to set it out, but we usually remember, at least for parties and holidays. When our first white padded official made-to-be-a guest book got full, Bethany took on the responsibility of making sure we had one that’s homemade. I like it a lot.

Guest Books

Simply cut scrapbooking paper in half, add thicker paper for covers to the front and back, punch holes in the short side, tie prettily with ribbon, and you’re in business.

When guests stay overnight, we often pull the guest book off the shelf just in time before we hug goodbye. When we have finger foods or a buffet meal on the dining room table, the guest book goes by the plates.

Of course, we’ve forgotten many times, but the point isn’t being perfect, it’s having a meaningful family tradition and honoring the people who visit by letting them know we want to remember that they came.

So . . . I’m not going to be too bummed that I didn’t think of this until I was 7/8 finished with conventions this year. However, I was wondering if those of you who have been so sweet to stop by our booth and tell me you are a blog reader (either this year or a previous year) don’t mind, would you just send me your name and the place where we met? I’m not going to publish your names. This is just for me because our visits have been so sweet for me and I’ve been so “meased to pleet you!”

Now as they were traveling along, He entered a village;
and a woman named Martha welcomed Him into her home.
Luke 10:38

Just imagine if Martha had had a guest book!


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  1. I was sad not to meet you but I was “meased to pleet” you sweet daughter at the CHAP convention in May. I shared with her that I am so thankful for your daily blog because I do not have Titus 2 women as mentors here where I live. Your blog is so helpful and encouraging, so you, although far away, help to meet that need. You are a blessing!

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