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Hi, I’m Charlene Notgrass. I was born a long time before you, way back in 1953. I loved homeschooling — once I learned how to make homeschooling who our family was instead of something I carried around like a big, heavy burden every day. From the lessons God has taught me, I offer you daily encouragement. Read more about my journey.

The Sits

The people of the world speak thousands of languages. I admire those who speak several. I speak one, and only one. It’s English. The English language varies from place to place, though, just as many other languages do. I have…

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I became a teenager in 1966, when fellow teens and twenty-somethings were telling the “establishment” (that was anyone over thirty who did things the way things had been done before) that their old ways didn’t work. Actually most teenagers of the…

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Water Pours

Taking a bath in the claw-footed tub in the old house where I grew up and going swimming in Marrowbone Creek are two of my earliest water memories. Water is amazing and so versatile. It nourishes our bodies and cleans…

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From My Mother’s Womb

Hi! This is Charlene’s husband, Ray. With the help of our son, John, I have sneaked into Charlene’s blog unknown to her. In the past I have had birthday greetings posted on a store marquee and given her surprise parties,…

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Always Mama

It’s fun to watch my children be parents and to see them do the same things I did when they were small. Sometimes when I’m with my daughter Mary Evelyn and her daughter Clara, I see Mev wiping a bit…

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