Welcome to Daily Encouragement!

Hi, I’m Charlene Notgrass. I was born a long time before you, way back in 1953. I loved homeschooling — once I learned how to make homeschooling who our family was instead of something I carried around like a big, heavy burden every day. From the lessons God has taught me, I offer you daily encouragement.

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When families walk into a vendor hall at a homeschool convention, they find neat rows of booths stocked with curriculum and other useful resources. First time attendees are overwhelmed. I remember that feeling. The first time Ray and I “wide…

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The Church Visitors

My husband Ray was in full-time ministry for over twenty years. During that time, we were in the role of welcoming people who visited church rather than being visitors ourselves. That has certainly changed this spring. Family visits and homeschool…

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Cold Water

Ray and I have been blessed with many wise teachers. One of them is our friend Dennis. He once told us a story about a woman who had grown up in terrible circumstances. Dennis asked her how she came to…

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