Red Hair, Freckles, and a Servant’s Heart

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I have told you several times about the sweet older ladies whom I teach in our church’s ladies Bible class. I have known the day would come when one of them would go home before the others of us. It happened this week. Miss Lynne has gone home.

Miss Lynne
Miss Lynne

When I picture Miss Lynne, I see her Sunday morning after Sunday morning as she walked between the pews picking up the disposable communion cups we drank from that morning. As she bent over to retrieve cups on the backs of the pews, she stopped to smile and greet us.

To remember Miss Lynne is to remember her red hair, her freckles, and her big, pretty smile and to remember the many ways that she served. The list of organizations where she volunteered is long; and, when Mary Evelyn led our children’s outreach class in a Christmas program this past year, Miss Lynne made costumes with the other ladies, even though her cancer had returned for the third time.

On the table at the back of the funeral home on Tuesday night were her baby book from 1941 (I’m glad she was cherished as a baby). Her high school yearbook was open to the page where she was pictured as “Most Popular” (that was no surprise). Behind the row of children, grandchildren, and sisters who stood at the front of the room to receive us were many quilts she made. We had plenty of time to see all these things because the line of people waiting to console her family was so very long.

I remember Miss Lynne telling me about a special quilt she made one time. A loved one had gone to the Middle East and she had comforted herself by making a special quilt. The first quilt I came to was a lap quilt of the Egyptian pyramids. Someone told me that it was her first and I am guessing it is the one she made to comfort herself while her loved one was overseas. It was striking.

When Ray, Mother, and I finally reached the family, it was a pleasure to tell her children how sweet their mother had been to Ray and me, to Mary Evelyn and her family, and to my mother, too, since Mother came to live with us.

Her children rise up and bless her . . .
And let her works praise her in the gates.
Proverbs 31:28, 31

I appreciate those who have asked how our friend David is doing. He has awakened. He was moved to a rehabilitation center this week. Though he has a very long way to go, he was able to answer with his own voice these three questions his doctor asked him last week. “Where do you live?” “Gainesboro.” “How many children do you have?” “Nine.” “How many are boys?” “Six.” We are grateful. Thank you for your prayers.

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  1. Thank you for writing about this sweet lady. I don’t remember ever seeing her without a smile and her calling me by name.

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