Remembering Our First Impressions

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Think back to your first impressions about your husband — long before he was your husband. What characteristics made you think, “Hmmm. This guy is special. I want to know more.”

Three traits stood out to me while I was getting to know Ray: his interest in spiritual things, his intellect, and his humor. Ray is a man of God and he is brilliant, just plain ‘ol brilliant, if you don’t mind my saying so.

Ray makes me laugh. He makes other people laugh, too, and I love to see Ray when he really gets tickled.

As we were leaving our son John’s house last Friday with book files speeding their way to the printer, I thought it would be several days before we saw the proof copies. I was more than a little surprised when they arrived at our door four days later this past Tuesday!

Then the painstaking process of pouring over each page one more time began. Ray and I sat side by side, we stood side by side, one stood and the other sat as we examined the covers and scanned the pages. Then I did one of the hardest jobs I ever do for Notgrass History. I signed each “proof approval sheet,” one sheet for each cover and one sheet for each set of “innards,” giving the printer permission to print thousands of copies — and, therefore, obligating us to pay for them.

One Page at a Time
One Page at a Time

During one of our journeys through the texts, I read aloud the lesson titles as Ray made sure (one more time) that each title in the Table of Contents matched the corresponding title at the beginning of the lessons: “Lesson 7 – The Nile River . . . Lesson 8 – The Pyramids of Egypt . . .  Lesson 10 – Sumerian Writing on Clay . . . Lesson 12 – Hattusilis I and the Hittites. . . ”

“One of my favorite rock groups,” Ray replied.

My Spiritual, Smart, and Funny Guy
A Spiritual, Smart, and Funny Guy I Am Blessed to Call My Guy

This weekend I encourage you to remember what drew you to your husband and to tell him all about it. We all like to hear what makes us special to those we love.

Therefore encourage one another
and build up one another,
just as you also are doing.
1 Thessalonians 5:11

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  1. I met my husband at college. I was shocked at the terrible language that people used and what attracted me most to Don was that he didn’t swear, at all. He told me that when he was in Jr. High he had a teacher that told them that swearing showed a lack of creativity in expressing yourself, and at that time he decided that he wasn’t going to swear. 🙂

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