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“I won’t ever forget this day.” That’s what Lisa’s brother told their mother after Austin’s homeschool graduation on Saturday. After Lisa shared this sweet quote with me yesterday, Ray and I talked about how he probably had never experienced anything like that before. We homeschoolers have something so very special. I’m glad that Lisa’s brother got to peek into that reality on Saturday.

The day was sweet because it all centered on a family (Jeffrey, Lisa, Austin, Kevin, and Rachel) and the folks who love them. At center stage was Austin; I told you about his servant heart back in February.

Six people took an active role in the celebration. I started to say ceremony, but celebration is more accurate. Jeffrey welcomed us at the beginning and bestowed the diploma at the end. Ray led a prayer to open, and their neighbor who homeschools his children led one to close. The speakers were Austin’s mom, Lisa; Austin’s babysitter, our Bethany; and Austin himself, dressed in his royal blue cap and gown. Jeffrey kept the wonderful photographs streaming, photos that made my heart melt –what a joy to watch Austin, Kevin, and Rachel grow up again before my eyes.

Graduation photo 1
Austin’s Cap

Lisa told the story about how they became a homeschooling family. While she was expecting Austin, Lisa watched a television show about animals. It seemed that every other sentence was about evolution. She thought about her baby and how she wanted to share the wonders of Creation with him while sharing about the God Who created them. She made the decision that she wanted to homeschool her baby. Lisa told us about many of their homeschooling adventures, including their first homeschool project, an alphabet book with letters cut from textured papers and fabrics and illustrated with pictures.

Bethany shared the babysitting adventures she enjoyed with Austin and his siblings. Austin’s tender heart seeped from his eyes when she told about how Austin wants to do what others want to do and to make them happy.

One of Austin’s last assignments was to write his autobiography. We enjoyed the parts he read to us when it was his turn to speak and we enjoyed the kind words of appreciation he spoke about people in the room.

Graduation photo 2

With the stories from Lisa, Bethany, and Austin and the great photos, we all got to peek inside a home where Austin and his siblings are blessed by their father’s instruction and their mother’s teaching. I am confident that Austin will keep them in his heart and keep listening, too.

Hear, my son, your father’s instruction
And do not forsake your mother’s teaching;
Indeed, they are a graceful wreath to your head
And ornaments about your neck.
Proverbs 1:7-9

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  1. What a beautiful celebration of a family’s love, faithfulness, and dedication! I hope my oldest daughter’s graduation from high school in two more years will be just like that. 🙂

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