So Many Reasons to Be Grateful

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Before I could sit down at my desk yesterday morning, the morning light lured me outside to take pictures. Fresh-cut grass clung to my feet while I took in the prettiest fall colors we have seen yet, so beautiful in that early light. Before my eyes were big scenes of blessings . . .

. . . and little scenes of blessings.

So many reasons to be grateful.

Ingratitude is at the core of much of our discontent. Yesterday we talked about humility as one of the important traits to teach children. I believe that gratitude is another one. If ingratitude is at the core of much of our discontent, then a thankful heart is at the core of our peace and joy.

Our children can know math and history and science and grammar. They can succeed in the eyes of the world, but if their hearts are not contented, peaceful, and joyful in Christ, the world may blind them from the big blessings and little blessings before their eyes.

But godliness actually is a means of great gain
when accompanied by contentment.
1 Timothy 6:6


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