The Eight-Hour Phone Call

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My husband is brilliant!

Mother started coughing on Sunday. On Monday it sounded like it was coming from throat irritation. I gave her lots to drink and kept asking her how she was doing. Our road was in no shape to attempt a drive to the doctor and it didn’t seem necessary at that point. About 4:58 p.m., I heard a very different sound. I was pretty sure the cough was moving in the wrong direction toward her lungs.

I immediately called the doctor’s office, hoping I would get them before they closed, but I got an answering machine. I kept a close watch, kept up the liquids and the questions, and put some essential oils into a diffuser.

At bedtime Ray and I talked about what we should do. The only bedroom downstairs is Mother’s. Should I sleep on the couch? Should we take turns hanging out downstairs? Oh, how I wished I had a baby monitor.

Then, Ray came up with a brilliant plan. He called our land line phone with his cell phone and turned them both on speaker phone. We placed the land line on a desk in her room and the cell phone in our room. It worked perfectly!

I decided to share Ray’s little invention with you, because you might get into a similar situation sometime.

I talked to the doctor on Tuesday. He said to keep up the fluids and to keep her eating and moving around. He wasn’t worried. On Tuesday night we set up our “Mama Monitor” again and she coughed less. When I looked at Ray’s phone the next morning, the call had lasted 8 hours and sixteen minutes so far. When she got up a while later, she said she was better.

I will admit to getting just a bit panicky with my elderly Mama coughing inside the house and ice and snow on the roads outside. . .

Snow Day 3
Our Third Glorious Snowy Morning

. . . but then God gave me peace. He knew all of that and He could take care of it.

And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension,
will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:7

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  1. I’m so glad your mom is doing better. And what a good idea to use a cell phone as a monitor. We did this between two cell phones before as a baby monitor at times. My daughter and I have been dealing with a cough. I continue to drink a lot of tea, use eucalyptus essential oils on our back and chest, a lot of vitamin c and d, and rest. I sure hope your mom is healing up quickly. And I can’t believe all the snow you’ve been receiving. We were wondering where all our snow ended landing because it didn’t come to us this year.

  2. Praying that your Mama will be 100 percent better soon! What a blessing that you can have her living right with you! I am certain that is a great comfort to her, as well as to you.

  3. I am very happy to hear your mom is feeling better. I think it has been a rough winter in many parts thru the country. Florida has its cold days and has very changeable weather this winter. I spent last Friday at Andy’s visiting the grandkids and it got 30 and fireplace to keep house warm. Burr.

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