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Last night was opening night of Street Robber, this year’s production of the Homeschool Dramatic Society. For the first time in all our practices (including dress rehearsal yesterday morning), everything came together — the lines, the music, the cues, the lights, the choreography, the maypole dance, the fight scene, the songs — everything. For the first time, we got to experience the whole story from beginning to end without a hitch.


It took cooperation. In addition to the performances of the cast of over 100 children, mamas and papas kept children quiet offstage. The stage crew of mamas and papas and homeschool graduates took care of every backstage detail. The lighting tech flipped the right switches. Musicians and directors kept things going in the pit. Drapes, backdrops, and the Bristol, England, street scene went down and up at just the right time.

The audience watched, listened, laughed, cried, applauded, and congratulated.

Everyone worked together and did their part. Together they told the story of what God did in the life of George Müller, the children he helped, and the lives of people they touched.

Details. Details. Details. A play has thousands of details. It’s tiring, mind-boggling, and exhilarating.

Think about how many details God is taking care of every moment of every day. Every day He sees His plans, His work, and His purposes come together. He is the Great Director.

The mind of man plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps.
Proverbs 16:9


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