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A public school teacher in our area has impressed us again and again with the excellence he demonstrates in his work. This talented man could certainly have a higher income if he taught somewhere else, probably much higher. His talents are in the arts. He could likely enjoy a successful career outside of teaching.

Year after year we have watched him inspire students and give them opportunities they would never have except through his work. Ray and I recently had an opportunity for a few words with this honorable man. Ray told him that he appreciated his work in the poor county where he serves. He said, “That is missionary work.”

We are not surprised when we hear about teachers who go to other countries to work as missionaries, but here is a teacher who considers his teaching as “missionary work” in a school in America.

That is what you are doing, too, being a missionary teacher in America. Thank you.

For I am mindful
of the sincere faith within you,
which first dwelt in your grandmother Lois
and your mother Eunice,
and I am sure
that it is in you as well.
2 Timothy 1:5



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