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Yesterday we celebrated the miraculous, world-changing resurrection of Jesus.  How should the reality of what we celebrated yesterday affect how we live today?

In Matthew 22:35-36, when the lawyer asked Jesus what the most important commandment was, Jesus didn’t give him only one answer. He gave him two. The lawyer wanted to know the one thing, but Jesus knew that one thing wasn’t enough. The man needed to do that one thing, but he needed to do the other thing, too. He needed to love God and he needed to love his neighbor.

That is what Jesus wants us to do on this Easter Monday. It’s what He wants us to teach our children, too.

This verse in Philippians helps us to love God first and to love people. Having a gentle spirit is a key to loving others. Because Jesus is no longer in the grave, He is not far away. He is near. What a loving thing it is for Him to be near. And we get to love Him back!

Let your gentle spirit be known to all people.
The Lord is near.
Philippians 4:5

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