We have much to learn from children.

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Remember the “Unhappy Meal” I showed you the other day? Here is the mini snowman that young artist and her mama sent me yesterday. Adorable, isn’t it? The next time we get a little Tennessee snow, I plan to make my own mini snowman!

Ray and I recently enjoyed a popcorn, cider, and movie night with some of our grandchildren and their parents. The children got to pick the movie. They chose one they had just seen less than a week before. They knew everything that was about to happen and anticipated scene after scene with delight.

Before the movie began, one of the children told me, “You are sitting here.” I complied happily. My spot was the middle of a loveseat with a child on my right, a child on my left, and a child in my lap. I peeked first on one side of the curly head in front of my face and then on the other, while all the children watched, laughed, wiggled, and gave me a play by play:

“This is my favorite part!”

“Watch this, Little.”

“He’s going to . . . “

“Don’t tell what’s going to happen!”

They laughed with abandon at one silly antic after another, all the while making sure I didn’t miss a single moment. They relished telling me what was happening at the moment, what had just happened, and what was going to happen next. They enjoyed the movie immensely themselves, but they also made sure that I was sharing every moment with them.

I have several takeaways from our movie night:

Children love silliness.

Children aren’t embarrassed to laugh with abandon.

Children want to share their joys with those they love.

We have much to learn from children.

Rejoice with those who rejoice,
and weep with those who weep.
Romans 12:15

So whoever will humble himself like this child,
he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
Matthew 18:4


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