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Over the summer, several folks in our church family were concerned about one of our members. I’ll call her Christine. Christine didn’t seem herself. Her children were concerned, too. In September they insisted that she get checked out by a doctor. Christine was very unhappy with her children at the time. Today she is grateful that they were paying close attention.

Christine finally relented and saw a doctor. The doctor ordered tests which revealed that our friend had a brain tumor. The doctor told Christine to go straight to the hospital, but the doctor she saw in the emergency room viewed things differently. He released her after only a few hours and told her that she might be fine for years.

Christine’s children were not satisfied. That weekend they made arrangements for her to go by ambulance to a major hospital in Nashville. Doctors there immediately put her in ICU. The following Thursday a brain surgeon removed the tumor.

Christine has done amazingly well and was able to come back to church a few weeks ago. Her first time at church was at our Wednesday morning ladies Bible class. My eyes were moist when it was Christine’s turn to read aloud. To hear my friend who is in her 80s reading perfectly a few months after that kind of brain surgery was so touching.

On a recent Sunday, the person making announcements read aloud a thank you note from Christine. I later saw the note posted on the bulletin board. This is what Christine wrote in her beautiful, steady cursive:

Thank you for all the prayers, calls and cards and food. The prayers were real important to me. I feel like that’s why I am here today. God is great. If He isn’t in your life, you need him. Thanks for everything.

She’s right. We need Him. Our children need Him. Thank you for leading them to Him.

Therefore humble yourselves
under the mighty hand of God,
so that He may exalt you at the proper time, 
having cast all your anxiety on Him,
because He cares about you.
1 Peter 5:7

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