Shuffling and Toddling

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of our younger grandson’s company for the entire morning while his mama and daddy took big sister Clara to see Peter Pan. Of course, I took pictures, including this one of little Wesley peeking through the door between the office where Ray, Mary Evelyn, Nate, and I work and the office where our assistant Michelle performs her many tasks. (If you call our office sometime, you will probably talk to Michelle. She has a great Texas drawl, seasoned by the Tennessee talk she added after moving here when she was about twelve.)

Babysitting Wesley 029 cropped
Little Wesley and His Little Feet

Wesley’s little feet looked so sweet standing on that little bit of a step.

Ray was away doing errands and, of course, Nate and Mary Evelyn and Clara were in Cookeville, so it was just Mother, Wesley, and me in the office yesterday morning. Mother spent her time embroidering on a quilt and smiling at Wesley.

The door where Wesley stood is in a small foyer. While he and I were both over there, Mother decided to come through to go to another part of the house. Three people in the foyer is a pretty tight squeeze. I looked down and saw Mother’s slow, careful, shuffling great-grandmother steps and Wesley’s still-tentative toddling ones in quick succession. It was a precious moment.

Ray once told me that I walk like my daddy. Shuffling, toddling, or like my daddy–I just want to walk like Jesus. I want my family to walk like that, too.

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works,
which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.
Ephesians 2:10



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  1. Such a simple yet beautiful and memorable image, Charlene. You are blessed to have four generations together in your life.

    I am really enjoying your daily encouragement.

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