When Your Child Reads Aloud

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I wrote recently about Mr. Charles and Miss Eleanor. I told you about Mr. Charles making a promise when his close friend was near death, assuring his friend that he would take care of his widow.

I also told you that Miss Eleanor hadn’t been doing well lately. What I didn’t tell you was that after Mr. Charles visited Miss Eleanor recently at her home, she went out on her porch to say goodbye and fell off, landing on her head. She injured her face and her shoulder.

We members of her church were already concerned about her health and well-being before that even happened, but this story has a happy ending. Miss Eleanor spent a few days in the hospital, followed by a few weeks in in-patient rehab. The nursing facility was near her daughter and only child a couple of hours away from here. I didn’t expect Miss Eleanor to return to Gainesboro, but she has. She is back in her own home. Her friend Mr. Charles is stopping by, driving her places, and bringing her to church.

Yesterday morning, she was in our women’s Bible class. When it was her turn to read, I noticed how well she read aloud. She is pleasant to listen to because she reads with feeling and with good inflection.

After she finished reading yesterday, I wondered how she came to read that way. Where did she learn to do such a good job?

What a great skill to teach your children. Home is a wonderful place to practice reading aloud well. Giving your children instruction and practice in this simple skill gives them a present that they can in turn give to others.

New York, New York. The Lincoln School of Teachers' College, Columbia University. First-grade pupils having their voices recorded for diction correction. First they give their name; then they read a paragraph from a book
First-grade pupils at The Lincoln School of Teachers’ College at Columbia University in New York City are having their voices recorded for diction correction. First they give their name; then they read a paragraph from a book, January 1942. Courtesy Library of Congress

Well, we don’t have to get that carried away with this idea! Still, think of the contrast between readers who drone on and on, readers who mumble, and readers who read well and with emotion. Children who learn and practice good read-aloud skills can bless many people for decades to come. Miss Eleanor has been using her read-aloud skills for probably seven decades.

Whatever you do in word or deed,
Do all in the name of the Lord Jesus,
Giving thanks through Him to God the Father.
Colossians 3:17

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