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God creates one beauty after another in wintertime. He creates tiny art . . .


. . . and gigantic art all around us.


His media is as varied as the universe He made.

This winter I have decided to make Christmas ornaments and decorations while the supplies are inexpensive and while I have more time to do so than I do in November and December. I always want to do more of that kind of thing than I make time for so in 2017 I plan to “make” time for it when there actually feels like there is time for it!

When we finally learned how to make homeschooling who we were instead of something we carried around like a big heavy load on our backs, I made time for art in our homeschool day. Imagine quiet days at home with time to do simple things that delight the heart of your artistic child and it actually “counting for school.” Of course, it would be so freeing not to even think about “school” and things “counting for school.”

When we learn to teach like Jesus taught His disciples and like God told mamas and daddies to do in Deuteronomy — as they sat at home and walked along the road and lay down and rose up — we make sure they know God’s word and the math and the science and the history and everything that they need to know while we rest in the knowledge that we are using the very best teaching method ever invented — the one created by the One Who made us.

Here are a few ideas for winter art that you can do as you sit in your house or walk along the road.

  • Take a photograph of a winter scene and reproduce it with watercolors or colored pencils on paper.
  • Fold paper and cut paper snowflakes.
  • Crochet one type of heavy yarn or even two or three types of not-so-heavy yarn at the same time to make a garland for next year’s Christmas tree. Just do one simple chain stitch over and over and over again until you have yards of garland for your tree next year.
  • Enhance ornaments you already own. Tie a ribbon or twine bow at the top of a plain Christmas ball.
  • Paint tall twigs white, put them in a Mason jar, and tie a blue ribbon around the mouth of the jar.
  • Gather dried seed pods from your yard and arrange them in a vase or basket.
  • Glue cotton ball snowmen onto blue construction paper.

While remembering that:

He gives snow like wool;
He scatters the frost like ashes.
He casts forth His ice as fragments;
Who can stand before His cold?
He sends forth His word and melts them;
He causes His wind to blow and the waters to flow.
Psalm 147:16-18



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  1. Charlene:

    I love this article and several other and would like to keep them in MY homeschool notebook of ideas and encouragements and I have not done it yet because I did not know if that would be against copyright laws. They are for my own encouragement not for anyone else. They will be in my notebook and no where else. If I mention it anywhere I will make sure to leave a link to your blog.

    Jackie Schlageter
    Romans 1:16

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