Courage with Faith at Its Root

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Since Ray and I travel together for work and to see our children and grandchildren, it’s been a while since I have driven over four hours by myself. I enjoyed my drive last Sunday, even though I did miss a turn and take a 21-mile detour.

I kept myself company by listening to my daddy’s favorite radio station, WSM, out of Nashville. The show on the air when I tuned in was “Sunday in the South.” The DJ played an eclectic collection of gospel music–everything from a country star singing with the London Philharmonic to a group who sounded like they were at a southern country church on a Saturday night.

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From June 1941 to March 15, 1974, WSM broadcast its most famous radio show, the “Grand Ole Opry,”  from the Ryman Auditorium. The building was constructed in 1892 to hold revivals and was originally called the Union Gospel Tabernacle. My Aunt Emily and I attended the Opry at the Ryman the night before it moved in March of 1974, two weeks after my first date with Ray. I can’t believe how much I talk about country music. I think I talk about country music so much, because it makes me think of Daddy. Here’s proof that I like other kinds: Emily and I saw Elvis Presley live a few months later!

One song I had not heard before was “I’d Rather Be An Old-Time Christian.” When it finished playing, the DJ said, “That’s what I want to be–an old-time Christian.”

I admire his courage. It took bravery to come right out and say that on the air. It wasn’t a politically-correct thing to say, you know.

This kind of courage is among the many things we need to teach our children. Faith is at the root of the kind of courage I heard on Sunday.

 I am not ashamed;
for I know whom I have believed
and I am convinced that He is able
to guard what I have entrusted to Him
until that day.
2 Timothy 1:17


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