“You okay?”

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Ray and I drove to Missouri on Sunday to spend a few days with our son John, his wife Audra, and our sweet powerhouse of a grandson Henry. Since he is two and a half, every word that comes out of his mouth is precious–at least it is to Mama, Da-Da, Notty, and Little. Over the past month or so, cute words have transformed into adorable paragraphs.

Like all of us, God made Henry in His image. Like all of us, Henry knows it is “not good for the man to be alone.” Henry loves to be connected to people, including his doting grandparents.

This morning Ray coughed in the kitchen and Henry called out from the living room, “You okay?” A while later I bumped my foot and said, “Ouch.” Henry asked again, “You okay?”

Every person needs others who ask: “You okay?” Each of us also needs people who pay such close attention that they don’t have to ask, but they do anyway, just so we know they care.

The child away at college, the recently divorced cousin, the happiest and busiest person you know–they all need others to ask, “You okay?” It is one of the most precious gifts we can give or receive.

 But I hope in the Lord Jesus
to send Timothy to you shortly,
so that I also may be encouraged
when I learn of your condition.
For I have no one else of kindred spirit
who will genuinely be concerned for your welfare.
Philippians 2:19-20

You okay?



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