Free Resources

Here are some resources that we have developed to support and encourage homeschooling families.

Be Happy Homeschooling

We created this website to help parents find answers to questions about how to start homeschooling and how to keep homeschooling successfully. If you need some encouragement on your journey, please check out the videos and articles available. And if you know parents who are thinking about homeschooling, please share it with them!

Be Happy Homeschooling Community

Do you need more encouragement? Join our group of Christian homeschool moms who care about and support each other. Big social media sites are great for some things, but they have drawbacks. Our private community is powered by Mighty Networks, a tool that connects people without lots of distractions. You can participate on the web or you can download an iOS or Android app on your phone or tablet.


My husband, Ray Notgrass, offers a twice-monthly podcast with background on what you hear in the news, stories from history that will enlighten and inspire you, and encouragement about homeschooling, family life, and your walk with God.


Explore our videos about history and about teaching history with Notgrass curriculum. We also provide links to suggested videos that supplement specific lessons in our curriculum.