A Mother’s Day Snapshot of One Loving Mama

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I pray that your Mother’s Day is sweet. You deserve it.

We had an early Mother’s Day celebration in our ladies Bible class on Wednesday. Our teacher Sue recently celebrated the 45th anniversary of her high school graduation. It has been years since she has been able to celebrate Mother’s Day in person with her mother. Only two of us class members have mothers who are still with us, but Sue led us in a celebration of all of them on Wednesday. Sue simply asked each of us to share memories of our mothers.

Sue began with sweet memories of her own beloved mama. Miss Nola was born in Flynn’s Lick, was married in Flynn’s Lick, and spent her whole life in Flynn’s Lick. Flynn’s Creek is a pretty stream in rural Jackson County, out toward Granville. I’ve never heard why the area is called Flynn’s Lick. My guess is that animals came to a salt lick there in the distant past. It’s a pretty part of Jackson County with bottom land along the creek and hills running alongside the bottom land on both sides.

Miss Nola always wore dresses, except for one special kind of occasion each year. She wore her husband’s overalls to pick blackberries. Sue said she was quite a sight!

Miss Nola worked hard. She cooked and canned and waxed their linoleum floors with paste wax. I don’t have a picture of Miss Nola, but I imagine this photo from Library of Congress isn’t too far off.

Woman displaying jars of canned food

Woman displaying jars of canned food

Miss Nola was a meek and mild woman.  “She spoiled us rotten,” Sue said.

Miss Nola’s husband shared her faith in Jesus. He only went through the 5th grade, but Sue remembers him sitting and reading his Bible aloud. Her brother learned his ABCs hanging around his daddy during his Bible reading. He learned them by looking at the large initial letters at the beginning of a section.

Miss Nola was very hospitable. She was an excellent cook and loved to feed people. When the Foxes and the Andersons came around, she got out the songbooks and they had a gospel singing in the dining room. We know both the Fox and Anderson families. We love their singing, too.

Today is a memory-making day for your family. Live it with joy!

Her children rise up and bless her.
Proverbs 31:28

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