Two Treats and Two Questions

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As Ray and I headed south to spend a precious weekend with our daughter Bethany and her family, we stopped for treats on the way.

The first stop was to pick up a snack at our local health food store. Organic peanuts and two bottles of kombucha are a far cry from the Doritos® and Dr. Pepper® we would have gotten four decades ago.

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Treat #1

As we headed to our car, I noticed an adorable white Shitzu resting her paws on the open driver’s side window of an SUV, occupied by a couple about our age. The scene seemed just a little strange–a couple casually sitting in a parking lot with their windows down, their cute dog sitting in the man’s lap, and no one looking like they were leaving that spot anytime soon.

I stopped to say hello to the dog and complimented the dog’s cuteness to her owners. The couple was a bit reserved, but the man did tell us that the dog was their baby.

After we got in our car to drive away, we were surprised to look up and see the woman from the SUV at our driver’s side window. She had a question: “Do you get multi-vitamins here?” We couldn’t quite understand the meaning of the question. Surely she didn’t need to know if we personally got multi-vitamins there. Was she wondering if they had multi-vitamins? Anyone who has ever spent five minutes in a health food store knows that they certainly have multi-vitamins–and about a gazillion other kinds of vitamins, too!

I wondered if this was their first time to visit this kind of store. Were they sitting there wondering whether to go inside?

By the time we got a couple of hours farther down the road, we had decided we weren’t going to stop for a meal as we had originally planned. It was past time for more food. Since we needed weekend supplies from Whole Foods, we made that our snack stop, too.

As I was making my selection in the chip aisle, I was comfortably surrounded by potato chips and corn chips and lentil chips and black bean chips. Evidently another woman in the aisle wasn’t so comfortable, because she exclaimed: “They make it too hard–just chips!”

I told her about some chips that I really like. She listened and then asked me, “What is your blood type?”

Well, that was my second unexpected question of the day: “What is my blood type?” To tell you the truth I really don’t know for sure, and that’s what I told her.

My two Friday treats each brought me an unexpected question. I think I met two women with different levels of knowledge about health and nutrition. One seemed to be at the very beginning of her journey. The other one evidently had some level of knowledge; at least she knew something about eating according to your blood type (an idea I’ve heard about but not pursued), but she had many uncertainties.

Each of these women came to a place where she could find answers related to her physical life (or maybe the life of someone she loves).

We always have Someone waiting to give us all the answers we need for life that is life indeed. He’s waiting for our children, too. In the midst of your homeschool busyness, don’t be too busy to lead your children to Him.

I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.
John 10:10

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