Christmas in July

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Ray and I were both beat when we got up this morning. We had worked all evening on a final proof and went to bed exhausted. Then, we were awakened early this morning — as in sometime before 5:00 a.m. — by a drip, drip, drip. I didn’t want to wake up Ray so I lay there quietly, wondering what that noise was.

Finally, when I knew Ray was awake, I asked him what it was and he said there was a leak in a gutter. It had rained overnight and water was dripping through a hole. Ray was waiting for daylight so he could see where it was leaking and repair it. He said if he didn’t repair it early in the morning, the water would evaporate and he wouldn’t know where the leak was.

It was obvious to both of us that the leak was coming from the edge of the roof over the house onto a roof over the front porch. Our house has a small upstairs porch, so we can easily walk onto the roof of the front porch from the upstairs porch. I know Ray is a big boy, but I still didn’t feel good about him going out onto a damp roof in the misty morning without going with him.

I’m like that. Once when Mary Evelyn’s husband Nate went to the tip top of the barn roof to repair something, I asked him if it would help if I stood on the ground, and said, “Oh . . . oh!” He didn’t think so.

I wasn’t really any help except that I did find the leak, quite by accident. I was standing at the right spot and the water dripped on me.

You know me — I’m always looking for a photo opportunity and the fog was so pretty this morning that I took this one from up there.

I love mornings at our house.
Foggy Morning or “Froggy Morning,” as My Daddy Used to Say

I was back at the proofreading before 7:00 a.m. but, oh, I was tired. Then about 9:30, Nate said to Ray and me, “You should go check out the warehouse.” I thought he wanted us to see how many orders we were shipping out or how full the warehouse was from a new shipment or something.

When we opened the door to the fulfillment center adjacent to the warehouse, Christmas music blared and our warehouse staff — that’s Ethan and Conner (Nate’s the manager) — were dressed in red and green with hand-crocheted beards, no less! When we asked what was happening, they said, “Christmas in July!”

Elf Ethan in Green, Elf Conner in Red
Elf Ethan in Green, Elf Conner in Red

Connor had brought the tree and made the Christmas cookies, which he kindly offered to us. I had an angel with a missing head. It was delicious. Ethan’s wife had crocheted the beards and Ethan had made a wreath for the door — a string of bells wrapped around a wooden embroidery hoop with a bow at the top!

Ethan's Wreath

Once when Mary Evelyn called the warehouse today, Ethan answered, “Elves’ workshop.” A tiring day became a fun day!

A cheerful heart has a continual feast.
Proverbs 15:15

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  1. “…if I stood on the ground…” Haha! Your little stories always bring smiles and often make me laugh. Thank you for the joy!