Got Questions?

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Got questions about parenting or being a wife or homeschooling or living life? You’re not alone.

Our son John recently collected questions mamas have about homeschooling. The list is long. The questions are important and most are universal. I’ll list a few:

How do I get my children to listen?

What if my husband doesn’t support homeschooling?

Is my child’s success all on my shoulders?

How do I make time for myself while homeschooling?

How do I choose the right homeschool method?

Have you had any of those questions this year? This week? Today?

We have decided to tackle one question a week in a short video to send out to people who have signed up for the Notgrass History newsletter.

As we got ready to film the first video yesterday, I started working on a design to put at the bottom of each video in the series. Our idea for the design was simple: a question and a small picture. I felt uncomfortable almost immediately. How presumptuous it felt to put up a question on a screen and then make a short video to answer it. The questions we received go to the heart and soul of mamas and their husbands and their children. The answers can’t be trite.

Please know that it is with humility and a recognition of the deep questions mamas have that I offer a few thoughts of encouragement and guidance to questions you can trust God to answer in His own perfect time. I just hope our short responses will help a little. Only He can provide exactly what you need.

And my God will supply all your needs
according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19

Here’s that first video: How do I choose the right homeschool method?

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