Joy and Wonder and Bubbles

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Our friend Linda is especially kind. I’ve learned a great deal from her. First Ray and I and then Linda and John got married just months apart. Both couples had our first child around the same time and then we became grandparents around the same time, too. I don’t know if she knows this but from when our grandchildren were very small, her grandmothering was an inspiration to me.

It is just like Linda to do what she did last week. Knowing that we would have several grandchildren at our house, she ordered special bubble solution and bubble wands and had them sent to us so that our grandchildren could enjoy them as her grandchildren do. Wow! Did they ever! The bubbles were absolutely amazing. The fun went on and on with everyone from two to twelve excitedly making bubbles. As much as I would love to show you our beautiful grandchildren, I usually keep those family photos private, but I can show you some of the bubbles. They were huge! It’s too bad you can’t see the children’s faces filled with joy and wonder.

I mixed the solution just as Linda suggested and let it sit for 45 minutes or so. I used an extra-large stainless steel bowl and placed it on the driveway because she said that the solution would kill the grass. As you can see, when the children first pulled a wand out of the solution, it formed a long hollow tube bubble that was closed on one end. This is a particularly spectacular one made by our eight-year-old granddaughter.

Soon the tube broke apart into huge bubbles and large bubbles and almost never a small one!


Some floated a short way before bursting.

Some floated a long way.

Some floated upward.

A few were round.

But almost all were oddly shaped like this one.

Some were yellow; some were rainbow colors.

Some were vibrant; some were pale.

A wind came up while we played and marveled, making the bubbles even more fun. I’m not showing you the joy and wonder in the grandchildren’s faces, but I can show you the joy and wonder in this face!

God is very kind. He made light and its rainbow of colors. He made air and the forces that make it move. He made people like Linda who can show us better ways to show love to a child.

Great are the works of the LORD;
They are studied by all who delight in them.
Psalm 111:2

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