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Ray has been doing song parodies since we were first married, when most of our friends were other undergraduate and graduate students from church.

One of my favorite parodies from back then was “Counting Wizard” which Ray wrote (to the tune of “Pinball Wizard” by The Who) for a pharmacy student. Another was “Dental Floss” which he wrote (to the tune of the Vanderbilt University fight song) for a dental student:

Dental floss! Dental floss!
Cleans your teeth so bright.
In those gaps or you’ll need caps
And you’ll lose your strong BITE, BITE, BITE!

Dental floss! Dental floss!
Buy it by the mile.
Use it with your brush and paste
And you’ll keep your smile.

When Ray became a campus minister, we started doing funny skits at our campus group’s parties. After twenty-two years in campus and later local church ministry, we’ve done Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s On First?” too many times to count.

Performing for one another by singing, playing music, and doing skits and parodies became a wonderful part of our family’s fun together, especially at Christmas. Our favorite subjects were making fun of each other.

I won’t embarrass my husband or children today–though I certainly have some pictures that COULD embarrass them! Here I am on Christmas Eve in 2006, doing my impression of Barbara Streisand singing “People.” Do you like my microphone and my party dress from my senior year in high school?

Our family recently decided to have a video contest for Notgrass Company. First, John made a webpage to announce the contest and sent us an email asking us to review it.

I responded with “Sounds good, but I did wonder if we could do a quick video ourselves . . . You know, a video to advertise a video contest!!”

John emailed back: “A promo video would be great. Can you and Dad do something quick?”

In the midst of my play practice busyness, I asked Ray to write something. He did and I read it to Bethany. That’s when the fun really started. Her creative brain went wild with, “I know, I know. Why don’t you and Dad do this . . . and how about this . . . and, oh, I know . . . you could . . .” She’s so creative! That afternoon we spent an hour and a half in front of a video camera.

Keeping in mind that . . .

A joyful heart is good medicine.
Proverbs 17:22

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